Sunny Tripower Core1 Provides up to 60% Faster Installation for Commercial PV Systems

SMA commercial solar systems are designed to deliver unmatched energy generation for any business while being able to provide the highest levels of reliability and safety. At the centre of the system is the SMA CORE1 50kW inverter, which was designed specifically for commercial sites. Read on to find out why the SMA CORE1 is the ideal inverter for the PV designer, installer and end-user.


Free standing: Simplifies design and installation

CORE1 is designed to sit on the roof without any need for fixtures in most cases. This significantly reduces the design complexity as there is no need for wall mounting or building a support structure.

Maximum yield from complex and partially shaded arrays

Many commercial roofs are complex shapes with unavoidable sources of shading. CORE1 has 6 MPPTs to allow six different types of string lengths/orientations to fit around complex structures. Even with partial shading, CORE1 can maximise energy yield with 6 MPPTs and SMA ShadeFix.

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