SolarEdge Announces Satellite-Based Performance Ratio

Did you know, you can evaluate the efficiency of your PV installations remotely, with minimal investment and no additional equipment purchase? Through gap-free and error-free satellite-based PV performance monitoring you can.

Satellite-based performance monitoring accurately measures solar irradiation with transparent reporting for easy energy assessment, to increase energy efficiencies, reduce uncertainty and optimise a PV systems performance. A PV system’s performance ratio (PR) is the ratio between actual production of a PV system and received solar irradiation on-site and is used to evaluate a PV system’s quality.

Satellite-derived performance ratio data can be acquired for large portfolios of PV systems across many regions. Making the satellite-based solution a reliable, cost-effective alternative to common irradiation methods such as environmental sensors deployed on site.

The downside of using sensors to measure received solar irradiation is that sensors require installation, calibration, and maintenance, all at a cost to the system owner. Sensors have a short warranty period and need to be replaced over the course of a PV system’s lifetime.

With this in mind, SolarEdge is proud to announce it has teamed up with Solargis, a solar energy assessment service, to provide Satellite-Based Performance Ratio (PR) for PV systems of all sizes, offering reliable, easily viewable data via the SolarEdge monitoring platform for just cents a day.

Learn about powerful features of the new SolarEdge Satellite-Based Performance Ratio, which we hope will help grow your PV business.

Satellite-Based Performance Ratio Feature Highlights

  • Eliminates sensor purchasing, installation, maintenance, cleaning, and replacement costs
  • Prevents possible inaccurate measurements due to environmental factors and improper sensor installation
  • Supports multiple tilts and orientations, no need to install multiple sensors on-site
  • Offers daily and monthly PR calculations
  • Seamlessly visualised on the dashboard of the SolarEdge monitoring platform
  • Provides up to 12 months of historical PR data from day of adding the service.


PR data reporting Daily, based on multiple samplings
Accuracy1 Comparable to irradiance sensors
Area coverage2 APAC
Normal PR values3 0.6 to 0.9 for new systems
Cost per PV site4 Commercial — $99/year

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