SMA’s new 5Y+5Y warranty

Double the piece of mind from SMA

SMA have long been a conscious choice for quality and durability, and now that choice is even safer. SMA now offer 5 more years of full warranty on home inverters. Now even if something unexpectedly goes wrong with your SMA inverter, you can rest assured because you now have double the peace of mind. SMA comes through every time providing premium products, quality service and sustainable power.

In 2021 celebrates 40 years of service, making them the world’s longest servicing solar inverter manufacturer. Their German engineering design and assembly have made them the number 1 European PV inverter manufacturing brand. With over 750,000 SMA inverters already installed in in Australia they are also proven performers in our tough Aussie conditions. With all those years’ experience and proven performance, this new longer warranty is the icing on what is already a very impressive cake.

How do customers get 5 extra years

To extend the standard 5 years warranty to the 5Y+5Y full 10-year warranty customer just have to register the inverter within 12 months of commissioning. The rest is all taken care of by SMA.  

If installers and homeowners simply add registering the device as a final step in the installation and commissioning process, there is nothing left to worry about. Many solar warranties start from date of manufacture not installation. As an extra bonus when a SMA inverter is registered the warranty start date is also moved forward to the installation date, ensuring the maximum coverage for homeowners.

SMA wants to ensure as many customers as possible take advantage of this extra 5 years warranty. So, homeowners have 12 months from the date of installation to register and qualify for the 10 years full warranty.

Extra benefits of SMA registration

Another amazing feature of SMA registration is their real time monitoring service, SMA SMART CONNECTED. If homeowners allow SMA to remotely monitor their inverter they can have the ultimate peace of mind knowing the inverter will always be working at its best.

Once SMA SMART CONNECTED is activated the SMA Sunny Portal, SMA can see any unexpected faults immediately and take IMMEDIATE action. This means that both the homeowner and or the installer (depending on the homeowner’s preference) will be immediately notified if something was to go wrong. This system also gives the error code for the problem so the fault can be addressed quickly and efficiently. If the fault required a replacement inverter to be sent out this would also happen immediately, with SMA guaranteeing a 5 working day delivery of the replacement unit.

So instead of not knowing till the next quarterly power bill or longer to see a problem, a SMA SMART CONNECTED system will proactively solving problems as soon as they arise minimizing system downtime. 

I’m ready, how do I register?

Create your own mySMA account (or use your existing account) to unlock a complete list of services. You will conveniently:

  • Register your SMA product(s)
  • Activate and extend your SMA product(s) warranty
  • Update the factory warranty start date of your SMA product
  • Get an extra 5-year free factory warranty on your home inverter**
  • Check all warranty-related information for your SMA product(s)
  • Get the most from your SMA system with additional valuable information at your fingertips


Get started!

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