NEW Selectronic SP PRO SMPC480 3.5kW Inverter


The new SPMC480 will satisfy the need of maintaining a high quality product where a little less power will suffice. All the features of the existing SP PRO range are maintained including the very popular new AC Coupling Recovery mode, as well as the maximum warranty of up to 10 years.

Other benefits;

  • Where On Grid applications have a 10kW inverter capacity, you can now have more PV, eg, 3.5kW SP PRO with 6kW ABB or Fronius SCERT.
  • 3 x SPMC480 in a 3 phase system allows for smaller 3 phase at 10.5kW
  • The lower power of the SPMC480 matches nicely with the very popular LG Chem RESU batteries
  • Ideally suited to holiday homes.

Click here to view datasheet

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