Selectronic Launches Powerchain Technology to Create Systems of up to 240kW Power Output and 480kW of PV.

Watch the launch video here

Australian-owned manufacturer Selectronic Australia, have launched a new technology capability called Powerchain, to create energy storage systems of up to 240kW and up to 480kW of managed AC coupled solar, using its SP PRO bi-directional inverter.

Powerchain allows the linking of up four SP PRO single phase battery inverters per phase, via simple RS485 communications cables between each SP PRO. Using Powerchain technology, existing SP PRO Series 2 systems can now have a power upgrade, however all SP PRO’s need to be the same model.

Powerchain installations are extremely simple, no hubs, no current shunts, no complex wiring and can be used in Single Phase, Dual Phase or 3 Phase systems, off-grid or grid connected.

To access the new Powerchain technology, download the latest version of the FREE Selectronic SP LINK software platform from the Selectronic website, and ensure that SP PRO inverters have the latest firmware update.

Powerchain is already a proven technology, with multiple test sites across Australia already using the technology, including an entire island resort off the coast of Queensland now using Powerchain with a 360kW solar panel array to replace the 300 litres of diesel being used every day, all the way down to a luxury houseboats using up to 120kWh of power each day, through a Powerchain system comprising of two SP PRO inverters.

Martin Broda, Head of Research and Development for Selectronic commented,
“Both myself and members of the R&D team were involved in the creation of the first SP PRO inverter, so it gives us a lot of pride and satisfaction in launching Powerchain to the market after years of development to ensure that it is easy to set up and is the most reliable paralleling technology available.

Not only that but Powerchain systems will not experience any voltage or frequency droop, and we have ensured strong, reliable connectivity to back-up generators which is a problem notorious with paralleling technology.

We are so confident in the simplicity in setting up Powerchain, we asked a colleague with no technical background to set-up and configure a Powerchain system using our SP LINK software, and she did it in under a minute!”

Visit for more information and to obtain Powerchain via the latest SP PRO firmware and SP LINK software.