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TrinaBess T Series
TrinaBess T Series

TrinaBess T Series

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TrinaBess T Series – 3 Phase Inverter Back Up Package


5.2kW Inverter

12kWh Battery

Trina Energy Storage Solutions for New Residential Installations

– PV & Battery Hybrid System

– Rated Power: 5.2 kW

– Capacity: 6 kWh – 18 kWh
(Expandable in steps of 3 kWh)

– Warranty: 10 years Battery Performance
(Expected Lifetime 20 years)

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TrinaBess T Series 3 Phase Inverter Back Up Package:

5.2kW Inverter:  weight – 35Kg, Dimensions – 40.9 x 54.2 x 23 cm

12kWh Battery:  weight – 130Kg, Dimensions – 74 x 104 x 18 cm

About TrinaBESS

TrinaBESS – Trina Battery Energy Storage Systems – is the energy storage divisions of Trina group and the sister company of Trina Solar, the global leader of PV total solutions. TrinaBESS develops, manufactures and delivers battery energy storage systems (BESS) for utilities, solar companies, project developers, installers and distributors for residential, commercial and utility markets. TrinaBESS provides retrofit, on / off grid, off grid and micro-grid energy storage solutions from 4 kWh batteries to 2 MWh batteries and larger. From its foundation in 2010 TrinaBESS has grown to one of the world’s leading energy storage companies with over 100 R & D staff members and an international presence in Europe, North America, Australia and Asia

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