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SolarEdge 5000 Back Up Inverter 1P
StorEdge Single Phase Inverter


SE5000 BackUp – StorEdge Inverter for Back Up Unit, 5kW

  • SolarEdge Single Phase Inverter with Integrated StorEdge
  • Easy installation
  • Time and cost reduction for battery system

StorEdge™ Power Backup Benefits

More Energy

  • DC coupled solution allows high system efficiency
  • PV power is stored directly in the battery
  • No additional conversions from AC to DC and back to AC
  • Module-level power optimisation for more power harvesting

Simple Design & Installation

  • A single inverter for both PV, storage and backup power
  • Outdoor installation allows flexibility in battery location
  • No special wires are required -> utilises the same PV cables

Full Visibility and Easy Maintenance

  • Monitor the battery status, PV production, and self-consumption data
  • Smarter energy consumption to reduce electricity bill
  • Monitor battery energy levels and remaining hours of backup power
  • Remote access to inverter/battery software

 Enhanced Safety

  • PV array and battery voltage designed to reduce to a safe voltage upon AC shut down, when not in backup mode
  • Compliance with VDE 2100-712


SE5000 BackUp – StorEdge Inverter for BackUp, 5kW

SolarEdge Back Up Unit Datasheet Warranty Installation Manual Brochure 

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Weight 26.5 kg
Dimensions 96.2 × 31.5 × 18.4 cm

Single Phase

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