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SMA Warranty Extension for SHP75-10

SMA Warranty Extension for SHP75-10

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Warranty Extension for

  • SHP75-10


*The factory warranty for the SBx.x-1AV-40, SBx.x-1AV-41 and STPx.x-3AV-40 is 5 years. This can be extended by a maximum of 10 years to 15 years.

**The factory warranty for the SBxx00TL-JP-22/-MP is 10 years. This can be extended by a maximum of 10 years to 20 years.

***The extended warranty for the SB xx00SE-10 refers exclusively to the inverter (the corresponding battery is not a part of this extendedwarranty).

The sale of extended warranties is limited to the above listed device types (the above mentioned device types ending with BS, -IT and -Kxx are excluded from the limitation). SMA reserves the right to add or remove device types to or from the overview list at any time. The warranty can only be extended during an existing valid warranty period. The total duration of the factory warranty period and the warranty extension may not exceed 20 years.

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