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Neuton Power NG OPzV Solar Batteries
Neuton Power NG OPzV Solar Batteries

Neuton Power NG OPzV Solar Batteries

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  • Neuton Gel OPzV (Tubular Cell)
  • 3 years full warranty and 4 years pro-rata
  • Gelled Electrolyte
  • 200Ah- 3000Ah
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Neuton Power NG OPzV Solar Batteries main features:

• OPzV gel VRLA construction
• Wide range of capacities available – up to 3000 Ah
• Suited to long repeated discharge duty
• Long Cycle Life* – 1500 + to 80% DOD
– 2500 + to 50% DOD
– 5000 + to 25% DOD
• Wide operational temperature range: -20˚C to 50˚C.
• Proven reliability
• Product Standards; Q/321284KCC 01-2006, DIN40742, IEC 60896-2, BS EN 61427-2002.
• OPzV batteries use tubular plate technology with gel as electrolyte.
• Container and Cover Material: ABS plastic (imported from Italy)
• Tubular Plate with Lead-Calcium-Tin multi alloy
• Specially sealed embedded copper core compound posts.
• Able to be mounted horizontally or vertically.

DataSheet NG2-420 DataSheet NG2-490 DataSheet NG2-600 DataSheet NG2-800


DataSheet NG2-1000 DataSheet NG2-1200 DataSheet NG2-1500 DataSheet NG2-2000 DataSheet NG2-3000



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NG2-1000, NG2-1200, NG2-1500, NG2-200, NG2-2000, NG2-300, NG2-3000, NG2-420, NG2-500, NG2-600, NG2-800

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