Clenergy Universal Clamp with Grounding Clip (30-46mm) (Black)

Clenergy Universal Clamp with Grounding Clip (30-46mm) (Black)

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  • Versatility- One clamp, with dual functionality (inter and end clamp) and large range of height adjustability from 30mm up to 46mm, can be compatible with most common framed PV modules and can also be applicable with almost all Clenergy’s aluminum mounting system.
  • Quick and Easy Installation- Using as inter clamp, the Universal Clamp always holds the clamp in place while placing the second PV module on and can be insert into rail at any given point, and secured with one or two hand grips.
  • Optimized logistics and warehouse management – Universal Clamp reduces needed warehouse space and saves cost in warehouse management as one clamp can be applicable for framed PV modules from 30mm to 46mm in height.
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Multifunctional clamp for framed PV module

PV-ezRack Universal Clamp, with dual functionality (inter and end clamp), is designed for fastening framed PV module in aluminum mounting system. With large range of height adjustability, Universal Clamp is applicable with most common framed PV modules from 30 mm to 46mm in height on market.

About Clenergy

Clenergy is a leading Sino-Australian joint venture which provides high quality, versatile PV mounting products and solutions for residential, commercial and utility-scale projects. Clenergy is an ISO accredited company. Their innovative products are designed according quality standards and to meet all relevant international standards.

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