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Jinko Solar is one of the leading manufacturers of solar panels worldwide. It is on the market from over a decade, integrating advanced crystalline silicon solar PV technologies to deliver efficient, reliable, durable and cost effective PV energy solutions. The Quality Control Segment is responsible for zero-defect production through the use of continuous improvement programs.

Jinko solar panels impress for their quality and reliability – every cell and module is subjected to at least 36 steps of the most stringent quality inspection procedures and undergoes comprehensive testing. The company has built expert teams with decades of solar industry experience to provide knowledgeable and responsive customer service in the local scale.

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  • 1ct/Wp Discount for Pallet Order (26pcs/pallet) or full complete system

    • Safe DC allows automatic module DC shutdown when the inverter is not operating or AC is shut down
    • Module and inverter thermal shutdown capability
    • Electrical arc prevention through SafeDC
    • Compatible with H converter
  • 1ct/Wp Discount for Pallet Order (26pcs/pallet) or full complete system

    • High Efficiency
    • Anti-PID Guarantee
    • Severe weather Resilience
    • Durability against extreme environmental conditions
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    1ct/Wp Discount for Pallet Order (23pcs/pallet) or full complete system
    • Integrated SolarEdge Optimiser
    • Harvest of up to 25% more energy from each panel
    • Constant feedback on the performance of each panel
    • Automatic shutdown of each panel for maximum safety in case of emergency
    • Possibility of very long and uneven strings
    • Time and BoS savings
    • Less component for the system leads to higher reliability
    • Hassle free installation


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