Solar Inverters

Krannich Solar is your specialist provider of solar inverters. We offer string, DC optimised and central inverters for systems of all sizes. All products in our portfolio are subject to strict quality controls to ensure that you receive long lasting inverters offering maximum output. As a photovoltaic wholesaler with almost 20 years’ experience, we find suitable solutions for every requirement.

Every project at Krannich Solar is individually supported, from consultation to planning all the way to delivery. Our broad product portfolio offers you string and central inverters, as well as micro inverters in various output classes and by leading manufacturers. Our aim is to deliver only high quality products so you can be sure that systems you install and reliable and effective.

Why good choice of inverter is important?

Inverter is about 10% of the complete system cost but it influence on 30% of the other costs (including BOS costs). It lets you to install more panels what directly shorten the project payback time.

Choose the inverter brand wisely and order it online.