New CEC Solar Install And Supervise Guidelines

The Clean Energy Council’s Grid-Connected Solar PV Systems: Install and Supervise Guidelines for Accredited Installers – Version 13 come into play from the beginning of July.

One of the major changes in the latest version is the number of installations an accredited person can sign off per day has been reduced. An accredited person installing or supervising will only be able to sign off on up to:

  • Two complete installations per day.
  • One complete installation and no more than three upgrades/repairs per day.
  • Four system upgrades/repairs per day.

There are some exceptions – for example, where a project involves multiple solar power systems at one location that are installed in stages, a formal exemption can be sought that will allow for signoff on up to ten systems per day.

The Clean Energy Council says the reasoning for the changes is related to quality and safety.

Whether it’s sitting in front of a computer in an office, or up on a rooftop installing solar panels; people under time pressure can be tempted to cut corners and be more prone to mistakes – and then there are those who are just greedy or simply don’t care.



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