“LG Solar Panels” – Warranty Extension

New LG Solar Product Warranty Increased to 15 Years 
(5 years more than the Industry Standard 10 years)

LG Electronics announced the commencement of one of the strongest product warranties in the solar industry worldwide. From 1st of January 2018 LG Mono X Plus and NeON 2 solar panel installations in Australia and New Zealand will now be covered with a 15 year Product Warranty.

LG Mono X Plus and NeON 2 solar panels already enjoy one of the stronger warranties in the industry currently with a 12 year product warranty period. It is a sign of the complete confidence LG Electronics have in the excellent built quality of our panels, that we will offer an additional three years product warranty starting on January 1, 2018, for any fifth generation (Mono X Plus and NeON 2 with A5 suffix code) panels installed after that date. This brings the new Product Warranty to 15 Years.

While a majority of panels offer a 10 year warranty, purchasers of LG solar panels will now gain an additional 5 years peace of mind manufacturer’s warranty, from one of the biggest companies in the solar industry.

The output warranty for the LG Mono X plus and NeON 2, covering the panels through periods of wide temperature fluctuations, wind, rain and other extreme weather events will now increase from 84.8% guaranteed output after 25 years to 86% output, a significant step above standard industry panels, which guarantee only 80.2 percent after 25 years. (2 % in 1st year and 0.5% every year thereafter)

This means LG panels deliver more electricity year on year consequently ensuring more savings over time.

The Mono X plus and NeON2 panels will now come closer to the top of the line LG NeON R series panels, which already enjoy an industry leading 25 year product warranty and an excellent 87% output warranty after 25 years.

In case of any query related to warranty, please get in touch with Markus Lambert or Gustavo Paviani at markus.lambert@lge.com & gustavo.paviani@lge.com


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