Goodwe Announcement for DNSPs Request

Retailers and installers may be aware that more AU local DNSPs are now requesting specific grid connection settings when approving solar system connections. These requests are primarily relevant to inverters sustainable voltage limit, volt-watt and volt-var with various action points etc. These settings are decided by DNSPs practical grid conditions.

The inverter must have the ability to have parameters adjusted onsite by an accredited installer according to local specific request, especially the volt-var feature.

The below example is a part of requirements from WAPN whom request all grid connected inverters must be set to the parameters below after 1st of Nov.2019:

The common way to adjust these settings on inverter is via laptop and specific firmware collected from manufacturers.

For Goodwe products, apart from having the ability of setting up onsite, Goodwe products also have the ability of adjusting parameters remotely providing they are connected to the internet.

Furthermore, Goodwe Australia understands our installers time is valuable and more time shall be used for quality installations, therefore have implemented the fastest and easiest solution for installers. Goodwe is releasing the latest firmware version (XXXX) across all models of products (referring to appendix A for how to check the firmware version). Under this new firmware version, Goodwe Inverters have had DNSPs’ requested settings pre-loaded including sustainable voltage limit, volt-watt & volt-var. As an installer, you are only required to select the DNSP codes when commissioning the system (referring to Appendix B for country code selection).

Currently Goodwe inverters have the Australian option for DNSPs who do not have clear grid connection request yet. In addition to this Goodwe also offers AU Ergon, AU Energex, AU western, AU SAPN, Ausgrid, Ausnet & Citipower options. Although Goodwe has only pre-loaded settings for DNSPs who have currently request this, it is likely further DNSPs will release similar requests. Goodwe will ensure inverters are consistently updated and compliant upon the release of further requests.

Through this, Goodwe believe they can assist DNSPs sustain their local grid quality and allow more customers to connect solar systems in particular areas.

Appendix A:

Method for confirming firmware version

According to the screen:

For single phase inverter, push the button to check the firmware V1.XXXX which is the latest firmware with pre-loaded DNSPs requests.

For three phases inverter, push the down arrow button to check V1.XXX which is the latest firmware.


Appendix B:

How to select the country code:

For Single Phase Inverter:

For example, to commission the inverter installed in WA, short press the only button on inverter until the inverter shows model name. Then hold the button down for a while and inverter will show ‘config safety’, press the button again until screen shows the ‘AU WAPN’. Then leave there until the inverter is back to normal automatically.

For Three Phase Inverter:

For example, to commission the inverter installed in WA, Short press the down arrow button on inverter until it displays the inverter mode name.  Then hold the left arrow button down for a few seconds until screen says ‘safety setting’. Short press the down arrow button until it shows ‘AU WAPN’. Then hold the left arrow button again until the ‘AU WAPN’ stops blinking. Press the ESC button back to Normal page.


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