BYD announces next generation Battery-Box Premium and expands production capacity

The evolution of the award winning energy battery storage system is ideally suited to fulfil the Australian market requirements and will be available in Q1 2020.

The Battery-Box product line by BYD Company, one of the world’s largest manufacturer of rechargeable batteries, has been received with great enthusiasm since it’s 2017 market launch in Australia and New Zealand, and the demand for the highly flexible modular battery storage system has been growing incessantly. In Q1 2020 BYD is presenting a new generation of the popular system, with upgrades based on specific market feedback and requirements. The new Battery-Box Premium product line is ideally suited for the most sought after application fields in the Australian and New Zealand market – including on-grid & off-grid residential and small commercial applications. Based on the new installation regulation AS/NZS 5139, the new product line is designed to reduce both the installation time and the costs for the installers while fulfilling the installation standards.

“At BYD we understand that the most important applications for energy storage might not even been defined. We therefore want to provide the most powerful, robust, and flexible tool possible to cover all current needs of our customers and to equip them for future demands”, said Julia Chen, Global Sales Director, BYD Battery-Box.

The new Battery-Box Premium

The new system generation builds on the strong foundation provided by the exceptional performance of tens of thousands of Battery-Box systems around the world. Just like the predecessor models, the Battery-Box Premium line is based on BYD’s lithium-iron phosphate (LFP) technology for maximum safety, life cycles and power. The systems also feature the patented modular plug design and do not require any internal wiring, thus allowing maximum flexibility and ease of use. All models are compatible with leading 1 and 3 phase battery inverters and have a successful track record of being tested for high efficiency.

The evolution of the system adds a number of advantages to the new Battery-Box Premium product family:

  • The new product line fulfils the AS/NZS 5139 requirements and IP55 standard in compliance with the regulations for outdoor installations.
  • All models of the Battery-Box Premium series are VDE 2510 compliant and have added safety protection features for the installation itself.
  • All models are capable of high-powered emergency-backup and feature on- as well as off-grid functionality for single and three-phase installation.
  • Internet connectivity for all models simplifies monitoring and remote control.
  • The technological evolution also resulted in an increased low temperature performance.
  • The cobalt-free Premium generation also has a higher energy density and thereby an even smaller footprint and thus needs less floor space.
  • The greater capacity per module reduces the number of components. Combined with the improved design and locking mechanism, this makes installation even easier and shortens installation times.
  • The Premium system designed with cabinet free concept, to reduce the delivery cost and storage cost for customer comparing the previous version.
  • In general the Premium line can be universally used across APAC, EU and Africa thus generating cost and delivery advantages through the higher volume and scale effects.
  • Overall the systems will be even more flexible and scalable, covering an even wider range of application scenarios.

The high-voltage Premium line offers two models to cover the complete range of system sizes:

One Battery-Box Premium HVS system is composed of 2 to 5 HVS battery modules that are serially connected to achieve a usable capacity of 5.1 to 12.8 kWh. Additionally, direct parallel connection of up to three identical Battery-Box Premium HVS allows a maximum capacity of 38.4 kWh.

One Battery-Box Premium HVM is composed of 3 to 8 HVM battery modules with 2.76 kWh each that are serially connected to achieve a usable capacity of 8.3 to 22.1 kWh. Additionally, direct parallel connection of up to three identical Battery-Box Premium HVM allows a maximum capacity of 66.2 kWh.

The new low-voltage models provide maximum flexibility with a range from 3.8 to 983 kWh. As an update to the predecessor product line they also offer a new interface and the possibility of remote control.

Battery-Box Premium LVL is scalable from 15.4 to 983 kWh and capable of high-powered back-up and off-grid functions, ideally suited for both residential and light commercial applications. The small form factor and the fact that two systems can be stacked vertically is an advantage for installations with limited floor space.

Battery-Box Premium LVS, aimed at self-consumption optimization for residential on- and off-grid applications, is scalable from 3.8 kWh to 245 kWh and provides a huge flexibility with up to 64 modules connected in parallel. Thanks to the IP55 certification it is also suited for outdoor installations.

Ramping up production capacity to support the high demand

In order to meet the high demand, BYD has expanded the company’s production capacities with the largest automated production line in the market sector. The new ISO TS certified production line is already active and production will be ramped-up with the launch of the new system generation. In phase one the production capacity will cover three times of the 2019 capacity per month and can then be extended to ten times of the 2019 capacity in accordance with the demand. The expanded scale will enable a greater control over the product development and manufacturing thanks to deeper vertical integration. At the same time the large-scale production will allow for a speedier supply lead-time, even in peak-times, and an even better cost-competitiveness.

“BYD launched the first Battery-Box product to foster the development of distributed renewable energy generation. Since then the reality of climate-related natural disasters and associated scientific evidence has made the world realize, that we are in a fight against the clock to beat climate change. Our world is facing a huge challenge and BYD’s goal is to provide tools to support all of us in this fight. This is what drives us in continuously improving our solutions with every new generation to make them even more efficient, reliable, easy to handle and cost effective”, concludes Julia Chen.

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