BYD Co. Ltd., one of the world’s largest manufacturers of rechargeable batteries, and energy solutions specialist Fronius announce a strategic partnership for the Australian market. Together both companies aim to offer Australian customers a maximum of efficiency, reliability and flexibility with smart end-to-end solutions for residential energy storage. Combining BYD’s award winning Battery-Box HV for highly efficient modular energy storage with the smart inverter and energy management solutions by Fronius, the partners also provide the first modular solution for residential three-phase backup power supply.

Residential battery storage systems are becoming increasingly popular in Australia, and one of the most indemand features is backup power, which provides electricity to a home even when the grid is down. At the same time power consummation in residential homes grows with more powerful appliances, such as large air conditioners, pool heaters, etc. – more than single-phase systems can cover. For this reason, more and more homes are getting ‘three-phase’ connections. Three-phase systems provide three active wires instead of one and can therefore cover a higher energy demand.

“We are very excited to be able to provide one of the only solutions for three-phase emergency power from a battery system with our BYD solution”, Managing Director of Fronius Australia, Keshia Noronho. “Three phase solar solutions are becoming increasingly important to the Australian market, as electrical energy consumption rises. By partnering with BYD, we are able to provide Australia with a scalable and modular storage solution to meet the energy demands of the consumer as it grows, for example with the additional of an electric vehicle to the household.”

Maximum efficiency and flexibility

BYD’s Battery-Box storage systems are based on the safest battery technology on the market: lithium-iron phosphate (LiFePO4).It employs the successful modular design of the series with battery capacities ranging from 6.4 to 11.5 kWh, providing more than enough energy for the average household Customers can start with a smaller storage unit and add additional modules over time. This offers them exceptional flexibility when it comes to adapting the system to their individual needs.

The Battery-Box HV series features excellent efficiency, delivering higher capacity for the best return on investment. This has been proved by independent industry tests in which the solution has been named the most efficient system on the market. The system supports constant 1C and 2C peak charge and discharge rates and provides best in class useable capacity ratios. As a result it can support household electric devices longer with more power. An innovative connection system allows for an extremely easy plug-and-play installation without the need to connect cables.

The system was also awarded “Top Brand PV 2019” by EuPD Research in the category storage for both the European and the Australian market. This industry seal validates the trust installers and customers in these markets have in BYD’s storage solutions such as the Battery-Box product series.

“Our goal at BYD is to support a Zero Emissions Energy Ecosystem – affordable solar power generation, reliable energy storage and cutting-edge electrified transportation”, said Julia Chen, Global Sales Director, BYD Batteries. “An important part of this aim is to help users to maximize their self-consumption of PV power and support important functions such as emergency power backup in cases of power outages. We are therefore delighted to expand our partnership with Fronius to supply a highly efficient and flexible solution for the Australian market.”

In recent months, the different models of the BYD Battery-Box HV have been installed in real life systems in Austria and have been subjected to in-depth testing under real-life operating conditions. The results speak for themselves: Fronius` Symo Hybrid and the BYD Battery-Box complement each other perfectly and therefore constitute the most flexible energy storage solution with emergency power for 3-phase households. The certified combinations cover the models BYD Battery-Box HV for 6.4 – 11.5 kWh with Fronius’ Symo Hybrid inverter 3.0 – 5.0.

Installers and partners who would like to use the new features of the Symo Hybrid inverters immediately can also conduct a Software update of existing models by contacting Fronius Australia Technical Support on (03) 8340 2900. From May onwards all models the software update will be available via Solar.web.