Activation period of SMA Smart Connected – Now 2 Years!

A quick update from SMA:

To enable us to continue providing you with our usual service even in the current situation caused by COVID-19, our SMA Service team is doing everything we can to process your inquiries swiftly and as effectively as possible. Unfortunately, we cannot rule out the possibility that bottlenecks and longer waiting times may occur, at least temporarily. SMA is therefore pulling out all stops to develop alternatives for you as quickly as possible. One example of this is the extended, after-sale activation of SMA Smart Connected.

From now on, you can activate SMA Smart Connected up to two years after the commissioning of the inverter instead of the previous 90-day period and thus have it monitored free of charge by SMA for the duration of the inverter warranty.
SMA Smart Connected monitoring is the only one of its kind in the world. It automatically checks the inverter for anomalies around the clock during operation. Once a fault has been diagnosed and analysed, the system proactively informs the installer, and sets the replacement processes in motion. This saves installers a call to the SMA Service Line and consequently reduces time and travel costs. System owners also have the best possible protection against lengthy downtimes.

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