FREE Tile Mounting Kit

How to get free Tile Mounting Kit?

Buy any Fronius inverter and LG Panel and you will get it for free. You can call us (03 93 39 51 00) to get more information or log in to our online shop

What is included in FREE Tile Mounting kit (per 1kW)?

  • 10 roof hook interphases
  • 10 climber sets
  • 8m rail
  • 4 weeb clips
  • 4 end caps
  • 1 grounding lug
  • 4 end clamps
  • 8 mid clamps

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Why you should buy K2?

K2 Tile Mounting System is the best quality on the market!

It is German quality made in Germany

Mounting systems for solar technology have been designed in the company’s development department since 2004

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The Kit is ready to go: