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Special Offer – “Trina 270W Panels & Trinabess DC Battery System”

Special Offer – “Trina 270W Panels & Trinabess DC Battery System”

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Buy 20×Trina Honey 270W Panels + Trinabess PowerCube 2.0 DC System – 9.6 KWH  $10,331  at a reduced price!


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Trina Honey Poly 270W-275W Panel Image
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Krannich Solar offers you a combination deal for Trina Panels & Trinabess Energy Storage System.


Trina Honey 270W Panel                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

  • Versatile product
    – Compatible with all major BOS components and system designs
    – 1000V UL/1000V IEC certified
  • Maximize Limited Space
    – 60-cell module power output up to 270W
    – Up to 165W/m2 packing density
  • Highly Reliable Due To Stringent Quality Control
    – Over 30 in-house tests (UV, TC, HF, and many more)
    – In-house testing goes well beyond certification requirements
    – PID resistant
    – 100% EL double inspection
  • Certified To Withstand Challenging Environmental Conditions
    – 2400 Pa wind load
    – 5400 Pa snow load
    – 35 mm hail stones at 97 km/h
Honey 270W Datasheet


TrinaBess PowerCube 2.0 DC Energy Storage System – 9.6 KWH

Includes – 1 Powerbox DC, 1 Enclosure and 4 Battery Packs

DC-Coupling for wide range of residential applications and emergency back-up use

– Hybrid System

– Warranty: 10 years Battery Performance
(Expected Lifetime 20 years)

– Backup Function: Self-sufficient During Off-grid (Solar PV charge batteries)

– Rated Power: 5.0 kW (Single-phase)
Capacity: 9.6 KWH

PowerCube 2.0 DC Energy Storage System Datasheet



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Weight 372 kg


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