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SMA STP 15000 TL 30 with display

SMA STP 15000 TL 30 with display

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SUNNY TRIPOWER 15000 TL Transformerless, three-phase

  • Maximum efficiency of 98.3%
  • Communication via the external Bluetooth-antenna without data loggers
  • DC input voltage of up to 1,000 V


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The future is now: SMA STP 15000 TL 30 comes with cutting-edge grid management functions.

This sunny Tripower inverter is a perfect solution for large-scale and commercial plants. The inverter is a three phase and has 2 maximum power point tracking (MPPT). One benefit of the SMA STP TL-30 is its integration of Plant Control. It allows multi-string configurations. You can also take advantage of flexible and innovative system designs. There is also high operational safety and reliability. This inverter can incorporate lightning protection concepts as well.

The inverter goes to a maximum efficiency level of 98.4%. As the figure shows, performance is one of the exceptional features of this inverter. It can also tolerate high DC input voltage equivalent to 1000V, allowing panels to be designed in longer string series. You can also have string level monitoring which is beneficial for commercial jobs. The inverter requires less power to run at night as well.

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