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Fronius IG TL 3.6
Fronius _IG_TL

Fronius IG TL 3.6

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Fronius IG TL 3.6 is not listed in Australia any more.

Only for replacement

last 3 inverters

System monitoring with the Status Manager comes standard with the Fronius IG TL. This includes following features:

  • String malfunction detection
  • Detailed status codes
  • Direct signaling contact
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The Status Manager immediately reports any problems throughout the entire system thus locking in system yields for the long-term.

It also has a unique feature in which a commercially-available USB stick can be used for easy system monitoring as well as simple inverter updating.

Fronius with headquarters in Austria has been engaged in solar electronics since 1992, in particular in the development and production of photovoltaic inverters. Thanks to solar electronics Fronius has advanced to the ranks of the worldwide leading manufacturers and continues to develop its position through ongoing product innovations. Fronius Solar Electronics stands for quality and state of the art technology to generate, convert and harness energy in a renewable way.

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Weight 21 kg
Dimensions 65 × 45 × 24 cm
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