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  • Easy-to-Use

    • Quick plug and play installation
    • Graphic visualization of current measured values in Sunny Portal


    • Space-saving top-hat rail mounting in household distribution thanks to compact enclosure
    • Use of standard Ethernet cables for Speedwire communication

    High Performance

    • Fast three-phase reading of measured values for effective energy management
    • Fast Speedwire communication
    • Positive/ Negative Set, SMA Plug-in Grounding as an upgrade kit (Stick) for the positive or negative connection to ground of the DC input for: SB 2000HF-30, SB 2500HF-30, SB 3000 HF-30
    • Negative Grounding Set, Retrofit set for the negative connection to ground of the DC input for: SB 700, SB 1100, SB1200, SB 1100LV, SB 1700, SB 2500, SB 2800i, SB 3000, SB 3300, SB 3300-11, SB 3800, SB 3800-11, SMC 4600A, SB 4600-11, SMC 5000, SMC 6000, SMC 5000A, SB 5000A-11, SMC 6000A, SMC 6000A-11, SMC 7000HV, SMC 7000HV-11
  • Piggy back for:

    • Tripower STP-20
    • SB 1200
    • HF Series
  • SpeedWire/ Webconnect (SWDM-10, SWDMSI-NR10)

    • Direct data exchange with Sunny Portal and Sunny Places
    • Ideally suited for online monitoring of small PV systems with up to four inverters
    • Webconnect provides free access to Sunny Places and Sunny Portal, the community portal
    • Simple to use, requiring only Internet access and a DSL router
    • Plug-and-play Webconnect commissioning
    • Transparency for all household energy flows
    • Free of cost PV system monitoring secures ideal yield from the PV plant
    • Easy commissioning thanks to installation wizard
    • Immediate e-mail notification in the event of a failure
    • Power and energy values instantly visible with live display
    • Display of battery charging and discharging

Showing all 5 results

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