Selectronic launches the new SP PRO Series 2i multi-mode inverter with built-in advanced communications features.

Australian-owned manufacturer Selectronic has launched the latest version of its flagship product, the SP PRO Series 2i multi-mode inverter with advanced communications features now ‘inside the box’.  Renowned in the industry for its leading performance and reliability, the new Series 2i product range replaces the Series 2 and is now available across Australia and New Zealand.

Recognisable by the circular ‘silver seal’, the SP PRO Series 2i new features include advanced communications functionality for multi-phase system operation and high speed interfacing with managed batteries from brands such as LG Chem, BYD, Pylontech and Sonnenschein.  These built-in features provide significant added value to the SP PRO, without the need to purchase additional accessories – saving cost and valuable time during installation. 


In addition, the Series 2i will also feature the latest AC Coupling Recovery Mode, which will allow AC Coupled PV systems to recover from a deep discharge and utilise PV when next available.  This is critical to prevent total system shut-down in properties that rely on a constant source of power.   Practical features like this are possible, thanks to the industry-leading experience gained by the Selectronic team, since its first inverter in 1981.


Lindsay Hart, Head of Sales for Selectronic commented:

“The SP PRO has rightfully earned a reputation over the past 10 years, for unsurpassed power output, durability in the harshest of conditions and a market-leading 10 year warranty. 


Our R&D department continues to focus on pushing the envelope to make sure that our battery inverter stays at the forefront of technology, in providing the best product solution in the energy storage market.  The new SP PRO Series 2i range has been designed to help installers by saving them time on-site and providing added value for money.”

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Selectronic wants YOU!

Our friends at Selectronic would love to hear about any great systems that you wish to provide as case studies that, if approved, could be used by you and promoted by Selectronic. Click HERE for more details or to make a submission.

BYD and Fronius introduce most flexible energy storage solution with emergency power for 3-phase households in Australia

BYD Co. Ltd., one of the world’s largest manufacturers of rechargeable batteries, and energy solutions specialist Fronius announce a strategic partnership for the Australian market. Together both companies aim to offer Australian customers a maximum of efficiency, reliability and flexibility with smart end-to-end solutions for residential energy storage. Combining BYD’s award winning Battery-Box HV for highly efficient modular energy storage with the smart inverter and energy management solutions by Fronius, the partners also provide the first modular solution for residential three-phase backup power supply.

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Selectronic SP PRO Range gets IEC62116 Certification for Western Australia

Utilities across Australia now require IEC62116 certification for both on and off-grid systems.  We are pleased to announce that the SP PRO product range has now been approved for WA! 

This certification applies across the standard SP PRO range, from 3kW to 60kW.  To achieve system compliance, please ensure any installed SP PRO has the latest firmware installed (version 11.11 or greater). To place an order, contact us today!

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