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Do you have a commercial job? Get a great price for SolarEdge products.

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  • 3 x Solaredge Three Phase 27.6 K
  • 385 x P350C

(The set amount cannot be modified)

SolarEdge Three Phase 27.6 inverter

Why you do need good brand inverter?

  • it is only about 10% the cost of your system but:
  • manage 100% of the system production
  • crucial for the long term performance
  • reduce total, lifetime costs
  • Solaredge system gives you 2-10 % more energy from the system

For our November promotion you can use only SE 27.6 kW inverter which is mainly for commercial jobs.

Check: SolarEdge Three Phase Datasheet >

SolarEdge Three phase inverter

SolarEdge P350C Optimizer

  • P350C optimizer is commercial use optimizer with high (up to 99.5%) efficiency.
  • 25 years warranty

Check: SolarEdge P350C Optimizer >

SolarEdge Power Optimizer


You can use P350C ONLY with 15kW + inverters.

Price is ex GST and freight

You may also need:

  • 1ct/Wp Discount for Pallet Order (29pcs/pallet) or full complete system
    • 15 Year Product Warranty
    • Best choice for replacement
    • Positive output tolerance
    • All-rounder for Off Grid application and Solar Pump
    • Monocrystalline


  • 1ct/Wp Discount for Full Pallets Order (25pcs/pallet)

    NEW Product

    Do you want to have a great price for set with LG? Check it here >>

    • Help to save valuable roof space
    • Comes with original MC4 connectors
    • Screwed module corners for extra strength
    • 17 kg, enable easy handling
    • Approve for Cyclone region installation
    • Wind loading of 6000Pa front & 5400Pa rear loading
  • 1ct/Wp Discount for Pallet Order (25pcs/pallet) or full complete system

    • Safe DC allows automatic module DC shutdown when the inverter is not operating or AC is shut down
    • Module and inverter thermal shutdown capability
    • Electrical arc prevention through SafeDC
    • Compatible with H converter